A quick guide for buying the best chainsaw

According to consumer reports, over the years 60% of people have found themselves in need of chainsaws. Recently, there have been so many severe storms that have brought the need for chainsaws. The kind of sawing you do often determine the type of chainsaw you need. Whether it’s a small and cordless electrics or the hefty gas powered models that are cut out for heavy work. Consumer reports do continuous testing on chainsaws. Consumer reports indicate the features of different chainsaws.


Gas-powered chainsaws. 

Gas-powered chainsaws are made of chain-bar lengths that are 16 to 18 inches long for homeowners and loner for pro models. They cut more quickly than electrics and are also faster. Using a gas-powered chainsaw does not require much pressure as you would when using electrics. They, however, require many yanks on the starter cord for them to start.


Using a gas-powered chainsaw, however, will require constant refueling, and regular servicing of its engines air filter and spark plug. They also emit exhaust fumes. If you are looking to do heavy work like tree cutting, the model required is quite expensive and could cost about $180-420. Light-duty models are however way cheaper.


Corded electric chainsaws

These type of saws are relatively cheaper compared to gas-powered chainsaws. According to electric chainsaw reviews consumer reports, they are also easier to start and are lighter in comparison to gas-powered chainsaws.

To start them, all you need to do is to plug them in and start the trigger.
Ceded electric chainsaws, however, are slow and can only be used for light duty cutting. You will also be limited by the use of an
electrical socket since they must be plugged in at all times. For optimal performance, you need a 112 gauge electrical cord. Corded electric chainsaws cost about $70-300.


Cordless electric chainsaws

Unlike corded electric chainsaw, this type of chainsaw uses a battery, therefore, you are not limited by the cord or electrical power source when sawing.
Cordless electric chainsaws are more expensive than gas chainsaws and can only be used for light duty work because of the battery life per charge. They are also slower compared to other models. A cordless electric chainsaw could cost about $200-400.


Electric loppers

This is another type of chain saw.it is user-friendly and also used for light duty work. Its design ensures safety for the user. Its
cutting apparatus is placed two feet away from the hand grip and also has a pair of safety jaws that shield the handgrip. If you are afraid of chainsaws, this one definitely helps. They cost about $75-120.

In the electric chainsaw reviews consumer reports, consumer reports indicated that after testing several models, the best of the chainsaws models as Stihl MS 180 C-BE. This model is fast and efficient when you have a
lot of sawing to be done. It’s light and well balanced that makes it less tiring when using.